Mission & Vision

New Covenant Church of God Ministries
Vision Statements

The primary vision of New Covenant Church of God Ministries is reaching beyond to win souls for Christ. Our goal is to evangelize and equip each member to serve its community. “We understand that people don’t care about how much you know, until they know how much you care”.

New Covenant Ministries is a ministry based on teaching the unadulterated Word of God. Our teaching and training are centered not just on learning the Word, but also on learning how to apply the Word of God to our everyday lives. Our Purpose is to be a church that strives to be a beacon of light in our community.

Mission Statements


Cooperate Together in Outreach
Stand Together in Unity
Work together in Harmony
Dream Together in Love
Develops Skills Together
Embrace Diversities Together
Perform Effectively Together
Together Face Challenges
Together Accept criticism
Together lead By Example
Improve Together for Excellence
Blend together in Discipleship
Maintain Trust Together
Utilize Resources Together
Communicate Openly Together
Together Receive praise
Together Share Successes
Together Celebrate Accomplishments