Bishop Woodrow Wilson

Pastor Woodrow Wilson.

Bishop Woodrow Wilson Senior Pastor

Bishop Wilson is an anointed man of God ordained for this season and generation. Presently serves as senior Pastor of The New Covenant Church of God Ministries.  
Pastor Woodrow Wilson married Sarah Flagler in 1963 and God blessed their union with five wonderful children.

In the year of 2007 Pastor Wilson advanced to the highest rank of ministry in the Church of God, Ordained Bishop. Pastor Wilson is a strong leader of knowledge and wisdom. He doesn’t wait for things to happen; he makes things happen. He believes that everyone should be taught the Word of God. Pastor looks beyond people problems to see their potential. That is the essence of moving others. It is not meeting people where they ought to be, should be, could be, or are supposed to be; but, where they are and taking them where they were created to be. Pastor Wilson is a people mover. He has established several training classes within the ministry to prepare each member for the work of the Lord. God has blessed the New Covenant Church of God Ministries’ family with a wonderful and humble man of God.